We offer a wide range of services and listed below are some of them. Please do not hesitate to contact us if the service you require is not listed as you will probably find we can help!


  • Customise plastic frames with adjustable nose pad arms


  • Titanium Welding
  • General Welding
  • Spring Hinge Temple Repairs
  • Non-Spring Hinge Temple Repairs
  • Memory Metal Frames
  • Plastic Frames
  • Drill out screws
  • Renylon / Replug


  • Lens Tinting
  • Plano Polycarbonate Polarised Lens

Other Repairs

  • Watches
  • Jewellery
  • Trophies and trophy cups
  • Others please ask

Work Shop Equipment

Our well equipped work shop has many specialised machines including a hydrogen welder, a specialist TIG welder, along with 3 state of the art laser welder machines which ensures very tidy and strong repairs on stainless steel and metal alloy frames, pure titanium frames, gold and other precious metals.